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Press release: "Palos Verdes" film release

In a country where most direction and production jobs are dominated by men, “Palos Verdes” is paving the way for young female entrepreneurs who want to become leaders in the Colombian film industry.

Fact sheet: Lava Mae

 Based in San Francisco, Lava Mae (similar to ‘wash me’ in Spanish) is a nonprofit organization that offers basic hygiene, legal and medical services for people experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area. 

Opinion piece: "Three reasons not to sign up for a marathon"

Most marathon runners expect to experience a great sense of accomplishment once they cross that finish line. However, most of them ignore all the physical and mental difficulties a challenge like this can convey. So, you should ask yourself, is it really worth it? 

Profile: Carolina Gutiérrez

Becoming an actress has always been Carolina’s dream. As a teenager, she enrolled in a theater arts program offered by the Artes Guerrero academy in Bogotá. Her mother, Natalia Palacios, knew that finding an acting job for her daughter was going to be difficult in a country where only 19 percent of the people with some type of disability have a job. 

Profile: Music Composer Juan Cortés (Article published in The Los Angeles Post)

This article tells the story of my long-time friend and roommate, Juan Cortés Arango, who destroyed a piano with a hammer just to produce a tribal sound. 

F&Q: Pacific Park

Pacific Park’s full operation hours are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. However, our daily operating hours vary depending on the season, weather conditions and private events.

*These texts were written for my Writing for Strategic Public Relations class at USC. Characters, places, and events might be fictitious.

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